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HSJS Timeline

First Society Session
Oct. 2018

The inaugural society session marked a historic moment, an informal gathering of just four members, where conversations flowed freely, and friendships were forged. Little did we know that this casual get-together would be the catalyst for a transformative journey that continues to shape our perspective on spirituality, community, and the power of unity

India COVID Crisis certificate.jpg
India COVID-19 Fundraiser

In response to India's COVID-19 crisis we partnered with AGSB's Islamic Society, embarking on a compassionate mission and raising an impressive £2338.60 to provide much-needed oxygen concentrators, essential kits and vital medicines. This act was inline with our core value, "sewa" - a selfless service, where we extended our helping hand without expecting anything in return.

Ramayana Re-enactment
18th November 2021

During Utsav 2021, our HSJS members from year 7 to 13 took part in a captivating Ramayana reenactment, with the entire production scripted and directed by the committee. From the careful selection of costumes to the precise staging, the performance held the audience in rapt attention, making it a highlight of the event.

Collage of Manchester Marathon_edited.jpg
Manchester Marathon
3rd April 2022

Members of the HSJS showed their dedication and community spirit during the Manchester Marathon. Volunteering under the charity Sewaday UK, they set up six separate water tables in Altrincham, by 8 am on a Sunday morning. Throughout the day, they distributed thousands of water bottles to the runners, and their selfless contribution was not only essential but also deeply appreciated, as many runners stopped to express their gratitude.

Formation of Trafford Hindu Society 
20th August 2022

A historic moment in the 

HSJS Social - Trampoline
28th February 2023

HSJS's first social invited 16 members to the trampoline park where hours of enjoyment were spent competing in games and activities. The highlight event was the fierce dodgeball match between sixth form and rest of school, in which the sixth form team managed to scrape a 3-2 victory.

Indian Drinks
Sports Day Stall
16th July 2019

Our first fundraiser event, the Sports Day Stall, became an instant hit as we served attendees with cooling delights like kulfi and mango lassi to beat the summer heat. The proceeds from this event served as a stepping stone, enabling us to prepare for our grandest event yet, the Diwali Dhamakha, promising a celebration like no other.

Sangeet Session

During a special session, we showcased the musical talents of our HSJS members, captivating the audience with mesmerizing performances of both singing and guitar playing. Their incredible skills not only lit up the atmosphere but also set a joyful tone for the rest of the day.

Vedic Maths Session
22nd February 2022

During a special occasion, one of our society members led an enlightening session on Vedic maths, unveiling the age-old wisdom that serves as a shortcut to modern mathematics. The session left members astounded, as they discovered a plethora of tricks and tips to effortlessly solve complex equations within seconds.

Bharatnatyam 3.jpg
Bharatnatyam Workshop
4th March 2022

In a special session, HSJS members were treated to a mesmerising Bharatnatyam performance, skillfully presented by Harish Chandra Nair. The artistry left the rest of the society in awe as we valiantly attempted to imitate the intricate postures.

Garba Raas Workshop
5th October 2022

To celebrate the vibrant festivities of Navratri, we organised a special session that saw a fantastic turnout. Our members enthusiastically embraced the art of Garba and Dandiya, becoming proficient dancers in these traditional forms. Many were inspired by the session to join local Navratri celebrations, further connecting with their cultural roots and spreading the joy of these dances.

NZ & CZ Kho-Kho Champions
27th November 2022

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India Syllabus Review
21st February 2023

Members of HSJS were invited by AGSB's Geography department to review the India syllabus currently taught to Year 8 students. We were able to amend and create new lesson plans which better represent modern India, hoping to make a positive impact on the education given to the students.

Diwali Dhamakha
1st November 2019

Diwali Dhamakha, served as a launchpad for our society's development, offering a spectacular celebration with a three-course meal, engaging quizzes, exciting raffles, captivating performances, and a lively DJ. With the collective support of 200 attendees, we proudly raised £550 for Sewa UK charity, leaving teachers, and parents applauding the  effort poured into this unforgettable evening.

Utsav 2021
17th & 18th November 2021

Utsav 2021 was a pivotal moment for the HSJS society, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees. This two-day multicultural performance fundraiser, which raised £2800 for charity, featured captivating acts, from Indian classical music to dynamic jazz and rock bands, making it an unforgettable experience like no other.

NHSF Why do we.._edited.jpg
Guest Speaker - NHSF
15th March 2022

The society was thrilled to host an interactive session led by two NHSF committee members, shedding light on opportunities for dharmic students in the local area. During the session, we delved into the significance and traditions inherent to our culture, gaining a deeper understanding of their meanings and relevance.

Yoga 1 - Pranaam.jpeg
International Yoga Day
21st June 2022

HSJS commemorated the 7th International Day of Yoga by joining the festivities. In collaboration with the VOICE organisation, our society hosted a special yoga and meditation session, welcoming both pupils and their family members to explore various yoga styles, including pranayam, vinyasa yoga, and meditation, deepening their understanding of these ancient practices.

Utsav 2022
12th & 13th October 2022

Our two-day fundraiser event, held at AGGS, received a warm reception and raised an impressive £4,500 for charity. The event featured a grand array of performances, including drama, singing, dance, and acting, leaving the audience with yet another unforgettable experience.

Launch of Shakti 
21st February 2023

Shakti - A series of competitions is an initiative started by the committee of 2022/23 looking to invite members of the society to take part in some friendly rivalry. The competitions drew attention from not just members but a wide variety of pupils from across the years at AGSB. 

AGSB House Cricket Tournament
21st February 2023

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